No Vigilantes (NCIS/Magnum PI crossover, PG)

Title: No Vigilantes
Author: Kate Roman (romankate)
Fandom: NCIS/Magnum PI crossover
Genre/Rating: gen/PG
Wordcount: 1100
Notes/Warnings: Set in the present day. No spoilers, no warnings, except for the presence of a mustache on a hot older man.
Summary: Very few things can get Thomas Magnum to leave Hawaii -- let alone back into uniform, but national security is one of them. Gibbs is the other.

He wasn't young: removal of the uniform cap revealed iron-gray hair in crisp waves, and his face bore the lines of a man staring into the sun, or across the water, for year upon year. A luxurious pepper-and-salt mustache adorned his upper lip.
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  • xanthe

Two Wolves: Chapter One - Lone Wolf

Title: Two Wolves
Author: Xanthe
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: NC-17
Keywords: Angst, romance, hurt/comfort, drama, action, first time
Warnings: Violence, rape/dubcon
Wordcount: 147,000
Status: Complete
Spoilers: Nothing very specific but general knowledge of the show up to the end of Season 8
Posting: As it is so long, I will post this story in six chapters, starting on Monday June 6th and finishing on Saturday June 11th

Summary: While investigating the disappearance of a Marine, Gibbs is abducted, sold, and forced to fight in a brutal tournament where the price of winning is almost as high as the cost of losing, and death waits constantly in the wings. After five months of hitting brick walls, Tony finally hatches a desperate plan to rescue Gibbs, only to find him a very changed man. In order to escape, Tony has to remind Gibbs who he is and awaken a sleeping wolf inside him. But, haunted by his ordeal and the acts he’s been forced to commit, can there ever really be a way back for Gibbs?

Author's notes: This is really a giant hurt/comfort epic! However, I should stress it does not feature partner betrayal - it's more about how Tony and Gibbs bond as a result of a horrific situation. It is dark in places, but I do love a happy ending, and I think the payoffs make it worthwhile :-).

Chapter One: Lone Wolf
Part One
Part Two
Part Three